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10 Driving Safety Tips For A Happy Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that children and adults alike can enjoy. Who doesn't love costumes, candy, and scary stories? But Halloween can also be a very dangerous time to be a driver and a pedestrian. 

If you have to drive this Halloween, follow these driving safety tips.

1. Use your headlights.

Even in the daytime, trick-or-treaters are much more likely to see you if you are shining your headlights (not your brights – you don’t want to blind anyone). Especially important in residential areas.

2. Don’t drive distracted.

It’s a good idea anyway to avoid distractions while driving, as distracted driving is the largest cause of motor vehicle accidents. Put your cell phone away, don’t reach for anything until you’re safely stopped, and save your snacks for your destination.

3. Turn the radio down.

We all love to jam out in the car, but Halloween is a time when it’s vitally important to be able to hear what’s going on around you. Have the radio low enough to be able to hear another car’s horn or someone yelling outside. Better safe than sorry.

4. Drive slower than the posted speed limit.

Especially in residential areas. Children get very excited about their candy and won’t always pay attention before darting out in the road to cross the street. Drive slowly so you can respond more quickly, and yield to young pedestrians.

5. Scan the road, especially at corners or crosswalks.

Be alert of your surroundings. Do not assume that children can see you or that they are paying attention. Children are small, harder to see and take longer to cross the street than adults. Many could be wearing dark-colored costumes, so be on alert when driving.

6. Don’t pass other cars stopped in the street.

They could be picking up or dropping off children. Wait several seconds before attempting to pass, and only if you see there are no people near the car. Watch for children when passing parked cars as they often cross the street behind or between them.

7. Exit driveways and pull onto streets with extreme caution.

Children have a harder time judging how a driver will react. They are more likely to think they have the okay to go ahead. Be careful backing out into a street.

8. Communicate with other drivers.

Use your hazards when pulling over to drop off or pick up children to alert drivers behind you to approach with caution. Use your turn signals when changing lanes or turning.

9. Designate a sober driver or arrange a taxi if you’re celebrating with alcohol.

Never, ever drive under the influence of alcohol.

10. If you see a drunk or unsafe driver on the road, alert law enforcement.

Don’t try to get their attention or follow them. If it’s possible to get the license number, report that when you call the police. Note the color and make/model of the vehicle if possible. Alerting law enforcement to dangerous drivers could save a life on Halloween.

Follow these safety tips and enjoy responsibily. 


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