• Preventing Rust from Road Salt

    Tuesday 12 December 2017

    As the roads become icy, we will see an increase of salt on the road. Here's how to prevent rusting from road salt, according to Preventing Rust from Road Salt The hazards of winter driving aren't limited to ice and snow. When road departments use salt to melt the freeze, that mineral can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Here, we explain what you can do to keep your car clean and prevent rust from road salt.  Why Salt Is Used on Roads In those parts of the country with freezi... read more

  • When to Use Your Headlights

    Wednesday 06 December 2017

    To keep yourself and others on the road safe,  you need to know when it is appropriate to use certain functions on your vehicle, like your headlights. This article comes from the Department of Motor Vehicle website.  When to Use Your Headlights To stay and improve your visibility on the road, it's important to know when and when not to use your headlights. Use this guide to learn more about safe headlight practices and common headlight laws. Headlights During the Day Most state... read more

  • Preparing for Winter Driving - How to Drive in Snow and Ice

    Wednesday 06 December 2017

    When driving during the winter, it is important to take extra precautions and be prepared. All Tech Automotive found this article from the Safe Motorist website.  Preparing for Winter Driving - How to Drive in Snow and Ice The three key elements to safe winter driving are: Stay alert Slow down; and Stay in control Get your vehicle a check-up It is the best to winterize your vehicle before winter strikes. Schedule a maintenance chec... read more

  • How To Check Tire Pressure

    Wednesday 29 November 2017

    Some of the most basic things you can do on your car, a lot of people actually don't know how to do, like checking your tire pressure. This article about how to check your tire pressure comes from the DMV website. How To Check Your Tire Pressure Proper tire maintenance keeps you safe and your car running its best. One of the most important - and most often overlooked - regular maintenance you should be doing is checking the pressure of your tires regularly.  Car tires don't have t... read more

  • Should You Under-inflate Your Tires in Winter?

    Tuesday 28 November 2017

    Tires can be a little wacky during the winter and the cold months. Should you under-inflate your tires during the winter? Is that the safest thing to do? This article has your answers. Should You Under-inflate Your Tires in Winter? Under-inflating your tires can give you more traction on snowy roads; but is this a solid strategy, or a tip you can skip? Snow tires, all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, bags of kitty litter in the trunk - people will do just about anything to gain an edge when driv... read more