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Air Conditioning Special!!


To get your automobile ready for the warmer temperatures you will need to make sure your coolant is ready, your air conditioning is performing, and your tires have tread for those summer vacations! Starting July 1 and running until July 31 you can scoop up this incredible deal!! So why not save $40 on a $99.99 Air Conditioning Service. Service includes : AC system check, check hoses, compressor check, belts check, AC condenser and cabin filter. Freon not included. Regular Price: $139.99

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But why should you be concerned with the operation on your car's air conditioning?  We are glad you asked!!  This service will ensure your optimum comfort as well as the comfort of your passengers on those hot summer days when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!  

It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, air conditioning does not simply blow cold air into your vehicle, it actually removes the hot air from the cabin of your car and dispel it into the surrounding atmosphere around your car.  In order to be able to operate in this capacity, the air conditioner depends on many components to operate at peak efficiency.  These are the parts such as the evaporator, condenser and compressor.  With all mechanical parts, these parts are prone to wear and require servicing to make sure that wear does not turn into tear at an inopportune time!

To help keep this system in good working order, it is helpful to run the system for a few minutes at least once a week no matter what the temperature is.  This will make sure that all the hoses, valves and pumps are kept lubricated.  

When you bring your vehicle to be serviced, make sure that you have the refrigerant level checked and topped off if it is needed.  It is always recommended that you get a full air conditioning serviced at least once a year and it is always a great idea to do this before the temperatures climb.

When you bring your vehicle to have this valuable service you can generally expect that we will do the following:

  • air vent temperature inspection
  • reclaim, recycle or replace the operating gas in the system
  • replace or check the receiver filter
  • adjust the drive belts and pulleys
  • check the operation of valves and thermostats
  • leak test the system lines and components
  • inspect the hoses and componenets
  • clean the condenser fins
  • deodorize and sanitize the system

We here at All Tech Automotive look forward to seeing you here soon!