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Help The Earth While You Drive

Are you looking for ways to help the planet? Check out these tips. 

We as commuters understand what responsible driving means as it relates to safety: Don’t speed, do obey traffic laws, stay alert and cautious in poor conditions… we know this.

BUT do you consider yourself a responsible driver in terms of earth-friendliness?

We realize that the act of driving inherently poses environmental risks – in today’s fast-paced world we have to travel, so let’s discuss the ways to get around while keeping the health of our planet in mind.

Biodiversity, alternative energy, microplastics and recyclables – all are carefully considered and included in Nokian’s longstanding sustainability efforts.

Studies have shown that proper equipment and conscientious driving can significantly reduce each vehicle’s carbon footprint. As drivers, we must make informed decisions to affect positive change.

So, what can we do?

Drive Smart

Did you know that by making the right choices as drivers we can reduce the carbon footprint of our transportation by up to 40 percent?

Buy a new (or new to you) car

As technology advances so does energy efficiency. The newer your vehicle, the more efficient it will be. Consider a lighter car when buying, too – since it is a long-term investment, you will have it for years to come and planning now will inevitably save later.

Consider alternative fuel sources

Biogas, natural gas, ethanol from waste, biodiesel and electricity are all viable fuel options today. Opting for eco-friendlier fuels can reduce emissions up to 80 percent compared to the average gasoline-powered car.

Choose the right tires

As we know, rolling resistance is key for the fuel economy of your tires.

The argument for premium tires

It’s no secret that “premium” often equates to a higher price point. The reason is simple – premium manufacturers invest in environmentally-friendly raw materials for tires and in improving production processes to make them as ecological as possible.

In short – responsible manufacturers strive to reduce the environmental impact of their products, so when you buy these products, you support that work.

Correct Maintenance

While keeping tires in top shape seems obvious, it promotes safety and extends tires’ life, plus it reduces the need for resources and, as a result, environmental strain.

Always make sure your tires are properly inflated. If the pressure is too low, the tire will roll heavier and the car will use more fuel.

Buying better tires + maintaining them = buying fewer tires in the long run + less negative environmental impact

Plan trips to conserve

Avoiding unnecessary driving is the easiest way to save. Pre-plan your route, combine several errand runs and carpool whenever possible.

When in traffic, maintain a stable speed and avoid sudden acceleration or braking. This will protect all on the road and the planet.

This article was originally published on Nokian Tires.