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Step Into Summer

Here at All Tech Automotive are proud to announce that we now offer Nokian Tires for all f your vehicle tire needs!  There is literally a tire for any need you have with Nokian.  Since summer is rapidly approaching, we thought that this article from Nokian Tires would be a great introduction to the company as well as the summer tires that they offer.


The days are getting longer, the skies clearer, and roadtrip season is upon us. Will you head to the coast or to the mountains? Are biking, hiking or kayaking on your to-do list?

Wherever you go, the fact is you’ll need the right tools to get there. So let us help you choose the best fit for your lifestyle with two all-new, really impressive options.

First – a little history about our relationship with summer: 

While Finland, the birthplace of Nokian Tyres, is known more for its … wintry… conditions, we couldn’t have invented the winter tire without first mastering the art of tire-making itself. Beginning production with bicycle tires, Nokian innovation has continued throughout the years and for all seasons.

And here in North America, we know just how much road conditions can vary, which is why we have designed specific products to bring the careful driving of winter through all months on your calendar.

First up meet our cool performer, the zLINE A/S. Made with high speeds and varying roads in mind, this sporty option can keep up with your own driving style.

For the more rugged travelers out there, the Nokian Rockproof is the go-to for mountain cred. Light truck, SUV and off-road drivers will appreciate the durability – and the look – of this mammoth tire. Drive it to work and drive it to work.

One feature unique to this option are stone ejectors – built into the tire itself, they prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tread surface. Don’t let the roads ruin your drive!

Learn more about what you need to get where you’re going today

For more information on these awesome tires be sure to go to  IIf you are ready to switch your tires from those winter studs to summer tires or just find yourself in need of new tires for your vehicle be sure to schedule your appointment today!