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What to Do If Your Vehicle Is Recalled

If you've ever worried what to do in a situation where your vehicle is recalled, this article All Tech Automotive found on the DMV website gives the answer. 

What to Do If Your Vehicle Is Recalled

If the NHTSA determines a certain vehicle model or vehicle safety feature is defective, it will order a recall. If the manufacturer complies, you will be notified via mail by the manufacturer. 

In this letter you will be instructed on how the problem will be resolved via one of three ways:

  • Replacement - The manufacturer will replace your vehicle will replace your vehicle with an identical or similar model.
  • Refund - The manufacturer will refund the purchases price, minus depreciation costs. 
  • Repair - The manufacturer, the recall letter, will instruct you on where to take your vehicle for repair, along with an estimated repair time and contact information should you have any questions. 

If you did not receive notification from the manufacturer, but believe your vehicle or vehicle-safety product should be covered under the recall drive, contact your manufacturer. 

In some situations the manufacturer, may not have your information on file. If for instance, you did not register with your manufacturer after purchasing tires, it will be up to you to initiate contact with the manufacturer in the vent of recall. 

If you're unsure if a recall applies to your vehicle or vehicle-safety product, the Safe Car website provides extensive updated recall information. You may even subscribe to the site's email alert service that notifies you of recalls based on your specifications for tires, child safety seats, and vehicles. 

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