• From the ground up: Nokian Tyres brings production to North America

    Wednesday 17 May 2017

    We are happy to share the news that Nokian Tires is going to expand it's production to North America!  We couldn't be happier to be a Nokian Tire distributor and see this leap into the production market for them!  Here is the exciting news directly from Nokian!   As announced Wednesday, May 3, Nokian Tyres will expand production with its first factory in North America. The Dayton, Tennessee... read more

  • Nokian Tyres: New Nokian Hakka Blue 2 Summer Tyre

    Tuesday 09 May 2017

    It's that time of year when people start looking to add new tires to their vehicle or switch from their winter snow tires to summer tires.  We at All Tech Automotive have stated a partnership with Nokian Tires and we are so excited to be offering these awesome tires to you!  Not only are they safe but also durable so we feel that they are the perfect option for you!  Below you will find a fun video from Nokian that highlights the Hakka Blue 2 Summer Tyre. Nokian Hakka Bl... read more

  • Step Into Summer

    Thursday 04 May 2017

    Here at All Tech Automotive are proud to announce that we now offer Nokian Tires for all f your vehicle tire needs!  There is literally a tire for any need you have with Nokian.  Since summer is rapidly approaching, we thought that this article from Nokian Tires would be a great introduction to the company as well as the summer tires that they offer.   The days are getting longer, the skies clearer, and roadtrip season is upon us. Will you head to the coast or to the mountains? A... read more

  • Improve Your MPG

    Thursday 27 April 2017

    Do you ever find yourself worrying about fuel prices and how you can improve your fuel economy?  At All Tech Automotive, we think about these issues all the time.  People often just don't know that they CAN change the fuel economy of their vehicle with just a few simple tweeks, they just assume that their car either sips gas or guzzles gas.  So we spent some time on the internet to find you a great resource on what changes you can make to your vehicle to help solve some of the... read more

  • How long do windshield wiper blades last?

    Tuesday 11 April 2017

    We love to get questions about routine car maintenance.  One that we seem to get pretty often is "how long do windshield wiper blades last?".  So we came across this article in our reading on the internet and thought it would be good to share! Windshield wiper blades don't get the respect they deserve. They remove rain, snow and sometimes even ice and dirt from the windshield of your car and they do it quickly and smoothly, at the push of a button. They endure extremes of... read more