• Why Are So Many New Cars' Gear Selectors So Stupid?

    Thursday 22 June 2017

    We hear this exact question all the time and to be honest, we ask it as well.  We all know that we are creatures of habit!  How many times have to reached for keys in that new car that has the push button start?  So now to change up the gear selector?!  We say "Too Much, Sir!!".  And it's not just us anymore!  In this article from th... read more

  • Air Conditioning Special!!

    Thursday 22 June 2017

      To get your automobile ready for the warmer temperatures you will need to make sure your coolant is ready, your air conditioning is performing, and your tires have tread for those summer vacations! Starting July 1 and running until July 31 you can scoop up this incredible deal!! So why not save $40 on a $99.99 Air Conditioning Service. Service includes : AC system check, check hoses, compressor check, belts check, AC condenser and cabin filter. Freon not included. Regular Price... read more

  • Hot Summer Car Care Tips

    Tuesday 13 June 2017

    With temperatures steadily rising it is important to know how to take care of your car to keep it properly running.  So we turned to Autotrader to find some good tips to share with you.  We feel that this is important for you to keep in mind and also keep your mechanic up to date on as well as this can help you avoid break downs at the worst possible time!   -Check your fluids and perform regular maintenance. -Confirm proper tire pressure to avoid a blowout and improve fuel... read more

  • Nokian Tires-Production Process

    Tuesday 06 June 2017

    Do you know how tires are made?  Do you know what tires are made of (besides rubber)?  What is the process of tire production?  These are just a few of the questions that we get asked daily.  Luckily one of the brands that we love has the answers to these questions!  We turned to Nokian Tires to find the answer to how tires are made.  Here is the article that Nokian orginally published on their site... read more

  • Nokian Warranty

    Tuesday 30 May 2017

    We are sure that by now you have heard us talk a lot about Nokian Tires but what about their warranty?  Well, we have found the complete warranty to share with you so that you know what to expect when you put these great tires on your vehicle!  So far we love everything about these tires and the warranty is no exception!  Be sure to read it for yourself before you schedule your appointment to have these tires put on your car or truck!   WARRANTY ELIGIBILITY Any new... read more